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Experience music and gaming like never before with the Vibe. Designed for ultimate comfort, exceptional audio performance, and gaming convenience, this innovative device takes your listening experience to new heights.

  • 360-Degree surrounding sound: With its unique neckband design, plus two full-range speaker drivers and two bass radiators, the Vibe surrounds you with 360-degree audio.
  • Enhance gaming experience: Bring your games to life with the precise audio cues, crystal-clear dialogue, and dynamic sound effects.
  • 2.0 Sound system & 6W speaker power output
  • Built-in mic: Conduct phone calls, join Zoom conference meetings, coordinate with your gaming team effortlessly with the Vibe's built-in mic.
  • 8 Hours playtime: Keep you entertained throughout the day.
  • Portable & Comfortable to wear with silicone neckband, perfect for on-the-go lifestyle.

Vibe – Bluetooth Wearable Neckband Speaker

SKU: 7e3cbd9a
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