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BPA-free food grade material, Rust-proof and sturdy stainless steel dividers Width is adjustable to suit bottles or cans of different sizes One pusher organizer holds up to 25 cans/bottles (5x 5 rows) Easy to assemble and clean.

  • Keeps Your Drinks Organized: The soda can organizer for the refrigerator is an excellent device, that will bring your drinks in close proximity for easy access to your refrigerator, With spring-loaded pusher that automatically and smoothly glides your drinks forward
  • Large Capacity: The width between two dividers is adjustable, which makes the fridge drink dispenser suitable not only for mini 7.5 oz soda cans but also for most standard-sized cans and bottles(12oz, 16oz, 16.9oz, 20oz), up to 25 cans in 5 rows.
  • Durable and Sturdy: The fridge can organizer is made from durable and healthy material. Dividers are made of stainless steel, pushers are made of ABS, and rails is made of PVC, which ensures high performance and durability
  • Wide Use: This can organizer can be used for pushing a variety of beverages including canned and bottled, such as coke, juice, soda water, beer, wine, etc. This can holder can be widely used in the fridge, garage cooler, merchandise shelf, supermarket or vending machine, etc
  • Easy to Install and Refill: Super easy to assemble this drink holder for the refrigerator, it can be built in minutes. To refill, simply push back the spring and add the cans. Also easy to clean for the smooth surface and waterproof material

Drink Organizer for Fridge

SKU: ht22do5r
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