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Hydration elevated with Brooke Filtered Water Bottle!

Redefining quality of drinking water & taste.


Blending a modern sleek design with cutting edge filter technology, each water bottle includes the highest grade consumer carbon filter.


Fill your drink bottle. As the water passes through the filter with each sip, enjoy purified water with improved taste.

Brooke Filtered Drink Bottle with 2 x Carbon Filter

SKU: BWB_0001
  • High quality 700ml borosilicate glass drink bottle

    BPA & Phthalate Free lid and handle

    Ergonomic shape designed to fit comfortably in your hand

    Patented filter technology

    Highest grade consumer filter

    Sliding cap closure to protect the mouthpiece from dirt & prevents spillage

    Filter reduces tap water impurities up to 99% including: bad taste, odour & chlorine

    Filters all water; from tap water through to stream water* when hiking

    Each filter life up to 200 Litres & is easily replaceable

    Drink bottle comes with 2 carbon filters inside

    Additional carbon filters available for purchase

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